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“Wow! I can’t believe how gorgeous everything looks! I only wish we had done this sooner.”

This is what we frequently hear from homeowners after their beautiful new AllView custom shutters are installed. The first time you step into your home after your AllView Poly Shutters have been installed you'll be amazed, too. Why? Because the classic elegance of AllView, made from a very durable and eco-friendly poly resin composite, will make such a big difference in the appearance of your home.

Timeless Elegance

Interior shutters - also known as plantation shutters - are interior blinds made from broad louvers mounted in a solid frame. The louvers can be opened to allow the free flow of air through the window, while simultaneously either creating shade to cool the room's interior or allowing the sun in to warm it. AllView Poly Shutters are hinged so that they can be pulled all the way open, or set in tracks so that they can be used to cover sliding glass doors. And we offer a choice of a hidden tilter bar (for unobstructed louvered views) or an optional front tilt bar add-on.

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